Forschungsprojekte der AG Frank

  • Neue Technologien für die Wasserreinigung; von Nanofiltration zu Elektrolyse
    The efficient cleansing of waste water is an important procedure relevant for all sorts of communities. This could be on the ISS, where water is valuable due to transportation costs and must be recycled while available electricity is no problem. This situation can also occur in arid regions on earth. In fact, two billion people have no access to clean toilets. This is the point where the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation started a larger project. The aim propagated by Bill Gates is to convert waste water within five minutes into drinkable water. Side products of this process should have economical value, for example as fertilizer or as fuel. Generally, sewage treatment consists in four stages after a pretreatment which removes large objects. The first step is sedimentation which helps only moderately if the process is supposed to be finished within five minutes. The second step is a bio treatment which destroys effectively potentially hazardous bio systems. Next, disinfection with compounds like formaldehyde is supposed to destroy residual toxins. In some countries, amongst them Germany, a fourth step is added, namely a chemo- physical treatment, supposed to destroy or filter the remaining chemical compounds like for example pharmaceuticals or dyes. We will focus on the investigation of novel approaches for this fourth step.
    Leitung: Prof. Frank
    Team: AG Frank
    Jahr: 2020
    Förderung: DFG Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
    Laufzeit: 1 Jahr