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Linne, Y., Birkner, M., Flormann, J., Lücke, D., Becker, J. A., & Kalesse, M. (2023). Sparteine-Free, Highly Stereoselective Construction of Complex Allylic Alcohols Using 1,2-Metallate Rearrangements. JACS Au, 3(6), 1695-1710.
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Fillafer, N., Kuper, H., Schaate, A., Locmelis, S., Becker, J. A., Krysiak, Y., & Polarz, S. (2022). Design of Active Defects in Semiconductors: 3D Electron Diffraction Revealed Novel Organometallic Lead Bromide Phases Containing Ferrocene as Redox Switches. Advanced functional materials, 32(24), Article 2201126.


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Theiß, S., Voggel, M., Kuper, H., Hoermann, M., Krings, U., Baum, P., Becker, J. A., Wittmann, V., & Polarz, S. (2021). Ligand-Programmed Consecutive Symmetry Break(s) in Nanoparticle Based Materials Showing Emergent Phenomena: Transitioning from Sixfold to Threefold Symmetry in Anisotropic ZnO Colloids. Advanced functional materials, 31(8), Article 2009104.


Gebensleben, T., Becker, V., & Becker, J. A. (2020). Transient light emission from the silicothermic reduction of magnesium oxide with potential for monitoring intermediate compound formation and decay. SN Applied Sciences, 2(3), Article 401.
Oschinski, H., Kesuma, I., Gebensleben, T., & Becker, J. A. (2020). Structures and Thermodynamics of MgO/SiO Interfaces. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124(3), 1923-1931.


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Dobbe, C., Grotjahn, R., Gebensleben, T., Alphei, L. D., Becker, V., & Becker, J. A. (2017). Reactive wetting controlled by very small vertical temperature gradients in a chemical transport mini reactor. Zeitschrift fur Physikalische Chemie, 232(1), 79-103.