Publications of the König Group

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Roquette, P., König, C., Hübner, O., Wagner, A., Kaifer, E., Enders, M., & Himmel, H.-J. (2010). Mono- and dinuclear Ni<sup>II</sup> and Co<sup>II</sup> complexes that feature chelating guanidine ligands: Structural characteristics and molecular magnetism. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.
Vitske, V., König, C., Hübner, O., Kaifer, E., & Himmel, H.-J. (2010). Syntheses of the first coordination compounds of the new strong molecular electron donor and double proton sponge l,4,5,8-tetrakis(tetramethylguanidino) naphthalene. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.