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Lei, J., Zhang, J., Feng, G., Grabow, J-U., & Gou, Q. (2019). Conformational preference determined by inequivalent n-pairs: Rotational studies on acetophenone and its monohydrate. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 21(41), 22888-22894.
Li, W., Li, M., Jin, Y., Gou, Q., Grabow, J. U., & Feng, G. (2019). Molecular structure and non-covalent interaction of 2-thiophenecarboxaldehyde and its monohydrated complex. Journal of Chemical Physics, 151(16), [164307].
Nair, K. P. R., Herbers, S., Lesarri, A., & Grabow, J. U. (2019). Molecular systems with nearly-free internal rotation and nuclear quadrupole coupling: Meta-chlorotoluene. Journal of molecular spectroscopy, 361, 1-7.,
Nair, K. P. R., Herbers, S., & Grabow, J. U. (2019). Structure and methyl torsion of halogenated toluenes: Rotational spectrum of 3,4-difluorotoluene. Journal of molecular spectroscopy, 355, 19-25.
Nair, K. P. R., Herbers, S., Dewald, D. A., Wachsmuth, D., & Grabow, J-U. (2019). Supersonic jet microwave rotational spectrum of 2,3-difluorophenol. Journal of molecular structure, 1195, 479-484.
Wang, H., Le, A. T., Steimle, T. C., Koskelo, E. A. C., Aufderheide, G., Mawhorter, R., & Grabow, J. U. (2019). Fine and hyperfine interaction in YbF 173. Physical Review A, 100(2), [022516].
Wang, J., Spada, L., Chen, J., Gao, S., Alessandrini, S., Feng, G., Puzzarini, C., Gou, Q., Grabow, J-U., & Barone, V. (2019). The Unexplored World of Cycloalkene–Water Complexes: Primary and Assisting Interactions Unraveled by Experimental and Computational Spectroscopy. Angewandte Chemie , 58(39), 13935-13941.


Caminati, W., & Grabow, J. U. (2018). Advancements in Microwave Spectroscopy. In Frontiers and Advances in Molecular Spectroscopy (pp. 569-598). Elsevier Inc..
Degli Esposti, C., Dore, L., Puzzarini, C., Biczysko, M., Bloino, J., Bizzocchi, L., Lattanzi, V., & Grabow, J. U. (2018). Accurate rest frequencies for propargylamine in the ground and low-lying vibrational states. Astronomy and astrophysics, 615, [A176].
Herbers, S., Obenchain, D. A., Kraus, P., Wachsmuth, D., & Grabow, J. U. (2018). Blurring out hydrogen: The dynamical structure of teflic acid. Journal of Chemical Physics, 148(19), [194307].

Showing entries 41 - 50 out of 191
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