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Lindner, M., Laporte, A., Block, S., Elomaa, L., & Weinhart, M. (2021). Physiological shear stress enhances differentiation, mucus-formation and structural 3D organization of intestinal epithelial cells in vitro. Cells, 10(8), [2062].
Schweigerdt, A., Heinen, S., Stöbener, D. D., & Weinhart, M. (2021). Grafting Density-Dependent Phase Transition Mechanism of Thermoresponsive Poly(glycidyl ether) Brushes: A Comprehensive QCM-D Study. Langmuir, 37(23), 7087-7096.
Stöbener, D. D., & Weinhart, M. (2021). On the foundation of thermal “Switching”: The culture substrate governs the phase transition mechanism of thermoresponsive brushes and their performance in cell sheet fabrication. Acta Biomaterialia, 136, 243-253.
Zahn, I., Stöbener, D. D., Weinhart, M., Gögele, C., Breier, A., Hahn, J., Schröpfer, M., Meyer, M., & Gundula, S. T. (2021). Cruciate ligament cell sheets can be rapidly produced on thermoresponsive poly(Glycidyl ether) coating and successfully used for colonization of embroidered scaffolds. Cells, 10(4), [877].


Daneshgar, A., Klein, O., Nebrich, G., Weinhart, M., Tang, P., Arnold, A., Ullah, I., Pohl, J., Moosburner, S., Raschzok, N., Strücker, B., Bahra, M., Pratschke, J., Sauer, I. M., & Hillebrandt, K. H. (2020). The human liver matrisome: Proteomic analysis of native and fibrotic human liver extracellular matrices for organ engineering approaches. Biomaterials, 257, [120247].
Elomaa, L., Keshi, E., Sauer, I. M., & Weinhart, M. (2020). Development of GelMA/PCL and dECM/PCL resins for 3D printing of acellular in vitro tissue scaffolds by stereolithography. Materials Science and Engineering C, 112, [110958].
Everwien, H., Keshi, E., Hillebrandt, K. H., Ludwig, B., Weinhart, M., Tang, P., Beierle, A. S., Napierala, H., Gassner, J. MGV., Seiffert, N., Moosburner, S., Geisel, D., Reutzel-Selke, A., Strücker, B., Pratschke, J., Haep, N., & Sauer, I. M. (2020). Engineering an endothelialized, endocrine Neo-Pancreas: Evaluation of islet functionality in an ex vivo model. Acta Biomaterialia, 117, 213-225.
Stöbener, D. D., & Weinhart, M. (2020). Thermoresponsive poly(glycidyl ether) brush coatings on various tissue culture substrates: How block copolymer design and substrate material govern self-assembly and phase transition. Polymers, 12(9), [1899].
Weinhart, M., & Stöbener, D. D. (2020). Thermoresponsive surfaces as a valuable tool in tissue engineering. MSE 2020 - Materials Science and Engineering Congress, Darmstadt, Germany.


Daneshgar, A., Tang, P., Remde, C., Lommel, M., Moosburner, S., Kertzscher, U., Klein, O., Weinhart, M., Pratschke, J., Sauer, I. M., & Hillebrandt, K. H. (2019). Teburu—Open source 3D printable bioreactor for tissue slices as dynamic three-dimensional cell culture models. Artificial Organs, 43(10), 1035-1041.

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