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Weinhart, M., Hocke, A., Hippenstiel, S., Kurreck, J., & Hedtrich, S. (2019). 3D organ models: Revolution in pharmacological research? Pharmacological Research, 139, 446-451.


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Hadjesfandiari, N., Weinhart, M., Kizhakkedathu, J. N., Haag, R., & Brooks, D. E. (2018). Development of Antifouling and Bactericidal Coatings for Platelet Storage Bags Using Dopamine Chemistry. Advanced healthcare materials, 7(5), [1700839].
Heinen, S., Rackow, S., Cuellar-Camacho, J. L., Donskyi, I. S., Unger, W. E. S., & Weinhart, M. (2018). Transfer of functional thermoresponsive poly(glycidyl ether) coatings for cell sheet fabrication from gold to glass surfaces. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 6(10), 1489-1500.
Hiller, T., Berg, J., Elomaa, L., Röhrs, V., Ullah, I., Schaar, K., Dietrich, A. C., Al-Zeer, M. A., Kurtz, A., Hocke, A. C., Hippenstiel, S., Fechner, H., Weinhart, M., & Kurreck, J. (2018). Generation of a 3D liver model comprising human extracellular matrix in an alginate/gelatin-based bioink by extrusion bioprinting for infection and transduction studies. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19(10), [3129].
Stöbener, D. D., Hoppensack, A., Scholz, J., & Weinhart, M. (2018). Endothelial, smooth muscle and fibroblast cell sheet fabrication from self-assembled thermoresponsive poly(glycidyl ether) brushes. Soft Matter, 14(41), 8333-8343.
Stöbener, D. D., Donath, D., & Weinhart, M. (2018). Fast and solvent-free microwave-assisted synthesis of thermoresponsive oligo(glycidyl ether)s. Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 56(21), 2496-2504.
Stöbener, D. D., Scholz, J., Schedler, U., & Weinhart, M. (2018). Switchable Oligo(glycidyl ether) Acrylate Bottlebrushes "grafted-from" Polystyrene Surfaces: A Versatile Strategy toward Functional Cell Culture Substrates. Biomacromolecules, 19(11), 4207-4218.
Weinhart, M. (2018). Von thermoresponsiven Oberflächen zu funktionalem 3D Gewebe in vitro. Materialinnovationen 2018, Germany.


Heinen, S., Rackow, S., Schäfer, A., & Weinhart, M. (2017). A perfect match: Fast and truly random copolymerization of glycidyl ether monomers to thermoresponsive copolymers. Macromolecules, 50(1), 44-53.

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