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Bessel, P., Niebur, A., Kranz, D., Lauth, J., & Dorfs, D. (2023). Probing Bidirectional Plasmon-Plasmon Coupling-Induced Hot Charge Carriers in Dual Plasmonic Au/CuS Nanocrystals. SMALL, 19(12), [2206379].,
Liu, X., Li, F., Hohgardt, M., Klepzig, L. F., Willich, M. M., Christ, H. A., Schaate, A., Behrens, P., Lauth, J., Menzel, H., & Walla, P. J. (2023). Perpendicular Alignment of 2D Nanoplatelet Emitters in Electrospun Fibers: A Result of the Barus Effect? Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 308(9), [2300027].
Niebur, A., Söll, A., Haizmann, P., Strolka, O., Rudolph, D., Tran, K., Renz, F., Frauendorf, A. P., Hübner, J., Peisert, H., Scheele, M., & Lauth, J. (2023). Untangling the intertwined: metallic to semiconducting phase transition of colloidal MoS2 nanoplatelets and nanosheets. NANOSCALE, 15(12), 2.
Wurst, K. M., Strolka, O., Hiller, J., Keck, J., Meixner, A. J., Lauth, J., & Scheele, M. (2023). Electronic Structure of Colloidal 2H-MoS2 Mono and Bilayers Determined by Spectroelectrochemistry. SMALL, 19(23), [2207101].


Biesterfeld, L., Klepzig, L. F., Niebur, A., Rosebrock, M., & Lauth, J. (2022). Toward Bright Colloidal Near-Infrared Emitters: Surface Passivation of 2D PbSe Nanoplatelets by Metal Halides. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126(45), 19277-19285.
Klepzig, L. F., Biesterfeld, L., Romain, M., Niebur, A., Schlosser, A., Hübner, J., & Lauth, J. (2022). Colloidal 2D PbSe nanoplatelets with efficient emission reaching the telecom O-, E- and S-band. Nanoscale Advances, 4(2), 590-599.
Li, F., Klepzig, L. F., Keppler, N., Behrens, P., Bigall, N. C., Menzel, H., & Lauth, J. (2022). Layer-by-Layer Deposition of 2D CdSe/CdS Nanoplatelets and Polymers for Photoluminescent Composite Materials. LANGMUIR, 38(37), 11149-11159.


Frauendorf, A. P., Niebur, A., Harms, L., Shree, S., Urbaszek, B., Oestreich, M., Hübner, J., & Lauth, J. (2021). Room Temperature Micro-Photoluminescence Studies of Colloidal WS2Nanosheets. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125(34), 18841-18848.
Manteiga Vázquez, F., Yu, Q., Klepzig, L. F., Siebbeles, L. D. A., Crisp, R. W., & Lauth, J. (2021). Probing Excitons in Ultrathin PbS Nanoplatelets with Enhanced Near-Infrared Emission. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 12(1), 680-685.,
Spreinat, A., Dohmen, M. M., Lüttgens, J., Herrmann, N., Klepzig, L. F., Nißler, R., Weber, S., Mann, F. A., Lauth, J., & Kruss, S. (2021). Quantum Defects in Fluorescent Carbon Nanotubes for Sensing and Mechanistic Studies. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125(33), 18341-18351.

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