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Düvel, A., Morgan, L. M., Cibin, G., Pickup, D., Chadwick, A. V., Heitjans, P., & Sayle, D. C. (2018). Tuning Antisite Defect Density in Perovskite-BaLiF3 via Cycling between Ball Milling and Heating. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 9(17), 5121-5124.
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Düvel, A., Heitjans, P., Fedorov, P. P., Voronov, V. V., Pynenkov, А., & Nishchev, К. N. (2018). Thermal stability of Ba1-xCaxF2 solid solutions. Solid State Sciences, 83, 188-191.
Heitjans, P. (2018). (Invited) Lithium Ion Conductors – between Model Systems and Battery Materials. ECS Meeting Abstracts, MA2018-01(39), 2296-2296.
Düvel, A., Morgan, L. M., Chandran, C. V., Heitjans, P., & Sayle, D. C. (2018). Formation and Elimination of Anti-site Defects during Crystallization in Perovskite Ba1- xSrxLiF3. Crystal Growth and Design, 18(4), 2093-2099.
Stanje, B., Bottke, P., Breuer, S., Hanzu, I., Heitjans, P., & Wilkening, M. (2018). Ion dynamics in a new class of materials: nanoglassy lithium alumosilicates. Materials Research Express, 5(3), Artikel 035202.,
Heise, M., Scholz, G., Düvel, A., Heitjans, P., & Kemnitz, E. (2018). Mechanochemical synthesis, structure and properties of lead containing alkaline earth metal fluoride solid solutions MxPb1-xF2 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba). Solid State Sciences, 77, 45-53.,


Islam, M. M., Uhlendorf, J., Witt, E., Schmidt, H., Heitjans, P., & Bredow, T. (2017). Lithium Diffusion Mechanisms in β-LiMO2 (M = Al, Ga): A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121(50), 27788-27796.
Knebel, A., Geppert, B., Volgmann, K., Kolokolov, D. I., Stepanov, A. G., Twiefel, J., Heitjans, P., Volkmer, D., & Caro, J. (2017). Defibrillation of soft porous metal-organic frameworks with electric fields. Science, 358(6361), 347-351.
Werth, V., Volgmann, K., Islam, M. M., Heitjans, P., & Bredow, T. (2017). Density Functional Theory Evaluated for Structural and Electronic Properties of 1T-LixTiS2 and Lithium Ion Migration in 1T-Li0.94TiS2. Zeitschrift fur Physikalische Chemie, 231(7-8), 1263-1278.