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Shenoi, R. A., Kalathottukaren, M. T., Travers, R. J., Lai, B. F. L., Creagh, A. L., Lange, D., Yu, K., Weinhart, M., Chew, B. H., Du, C., Brooks, D. E., Carter, C. J., Morrissey, J. H., Haynes, C. A., & Kizhakkedathu, J. N. (2014). Affinity-based design of a synthetic universal reversal agent for heparin anticoagulants. Science Translational Medicine, 6(260), [260ra150].


Gröger, D., Paulus, F., Licha, K., Welker, P., Weinhart, M., Holzhausen, C., Mundhenk, L., Gruber, A. D., Abram, U., & Haag, R. (2013). Synthesis and biological evaluation of radio and dye labeled amino functionalized dendritic polyglycerol sulfates as multivalent anti-inflammatory compounds. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 24(9), 1507-1514.


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Gunkel, G., Weinhart, M., Becherer, T., Haag, R., & Huck, W. T. S. (2011). Effect of polymer brush architecture on antibiofouling properties. Biomacromolecules, 12(11), 4169-4172.

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