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Hinterding, R., Zhao, Z., Wolf, M., Jakob, M., Oeckler, O., & Feldhoff, A. (2021). Ceramic composites based on Ca3Co4−xO9+δ and La2NiO4+δ with enhanced thermoelectric properties. Open Ceramics, 6, [100103].
Hinterding, R., Wolf, M., Jakob, M., Oeckler, O., & Feldhoff, A. (2021). Improved thermoelectric properties in ceramic composites based on Ca3Co4O9 and Na2Ca2Nb4O13. Open Ceramics, 8, [100198].
Kißling, P. A., Lübkemann, F., von Bronk, T., Cotardo, D., Lei, L., Feldhoff, A., Lohaus, L., Haist, M., & Bigall, N. C. (2021). Influence of low-pressure treatment on the morphological and compositional stability of microscopic ettringite. Materials, 14(11), [2720].
Ramadan, W., Feldhoff, A., & Bahnemann, D. (2021). Assessing the photocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction of BiFeO3 loaded with IrO2 nanoparticles as cocatalyst. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 232, [111349].
Rosebrock, M., Zámbó, D., Rusch, P., Pluta, D., Steinbach, F., Bessel, P., Schlosser, A., Feldhoff, A., Hindricks, K. D. J., Behrens, P., Dorfs, D., & Bigall, N. C. (2021). Spatial Extent of Fluorescence Quenching in Mixed Semiconductor-Metal Nanoparticle Gel Networks. Advanced functional materials, 31(41), [2101628].
Steinhoff, T., Wolf, M., Nürnberger, F., Gerstein, G., & Feldhoff, A. (2021). Evaluation of Cu­Ni­Based Alloys for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion. Materials Science Forum, 1016, 107-112.
Tomasino, D. V., Wolf, M., Farina, H., Chiarello, G., Feldhoff, A., Ortenzi, M. A., & Sabatini, V. (2021). Role of Doping Agent Degree of Sulfonation and Casting Solvent on the Electrical Conductivity and Morphology of PEDOT:SPAES Thin Films. Polymers, 13(4), [658].
Zámbó, D., Schlosser, A., Graf, R. T., Rusch, P., Kißling, P. A., Feldhoff, A., & Bigall, N. C. (2021). One-Step Formation of Hybrid Nanocrystal Gels: Deposition of Metal Domains on CdSe/CdS Nanorod and Nanoplatelet Networks. Advanced Optical Materials, 9(17), [2100291].


Abt, M., Wolf, M., Feldhoff, A., & Overmeyer, L. (2020). Combined spray-coating and laser structuring of thermoelectric ceramics. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 275, [116319].
Balanov, V. A., Zhao, Z., Pan, M., Feldhoff, A., & Bai, Y. (2020). Sol–gel synthesis and structural characterization of band gap engineered ferroelectric perovskite oxide potassium sodium barium nickel niobate. Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 96(3), 649-658.,

Showing entries 21 - 30 out of 216
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